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Nose Job


Nose Job. Today 11 years ago I have done my first noninvazive Nose Job with Hyaluronic Acid. My first pacient has been a young man who wanted ” the Nose done” but with-ought surgery. I had no idea that it will become the new ” cool trend ” is aesthetics. Thank you to my patients which with their trust have inspired me and make me push my own boundaries looking for new noninvazive aesthetic procedures.

Reshaping nose ( Nose Job ) with hyaluronic acid Injections it is a very elegant procedure. Non invazive. Nonsurgical procedure. No side effects from anestezi and no downtime, and even respects your time.
The necessary time to perform reshaping nose with hyaluronic injection procedure is from 2-12 minutes. Only in very rare cases when we accept a pacient which previously have had performed Surgical Nasoplasty  then the time required to perform Non invazive Nasoplasty it is longer or may need 2-3 touch -ups.

What nose modifications can be performed with Noninvasive Nasoplasty (Nose Job) with Hyaluronic acid injectable?

For how long remains the result of noninvasive Nose Job?

Which are the side effects of an noninvasive Nose Job?

Does Nose Job hurt,is there any pain?

When can I expect to see the results of a Nose Job?

What nose modifications can be performed with Noninvasive Nasoplasty ( Nose Job ) with Hyaluronic acid injectable?

We modelate the shape of the tip of nose, olso rise up the tip and even make a big voluminous nose to look smaller thiner and be better fit to your face.  All this withought surgeru and respecting your face character.
The procedure it’s very elegant, non-obvious, noone can tell that you have done Aesthetic surgery to your face, but they will notice that you look better and they don’t know why.

For how long remains the result of noninvazive Nose Job?

The result keeps normally from 6-18 months. You recomend to our pacients to come for a touch up in 6 months, If a refresh it is needed . But although Hyaluronic acid injections are temporary fillers from my experience in 11 years 40 -60 % of the results is for at list 11 years.
When the tip of the nose it is facing the mouth then it is a littel procedure which needs to be repeated every 45 days for 2-4 seasons . This procedure it is even less invasive, no-pain no bruising and the cost is minimal.

Which are the side effects of an noninvasive Nose Job?

There is no downtime. If the procedure is performed right from a profecional doctor then there is no risk of infections. Of course as it is performed with injections with hyaluronic acid it is a safe, healthy procedure and all the side effects are the ones connected with injections sites. Redness, swallowing, bruising, skin sensitive,but are rare, and all disappears in 3 -13 days.

Does Nose Job hurt, is there any pain?

The aeria it is hiagly sensitive so usually we use an anesthetic cream topically . The pacient keeps the anesthetic cream for 25 – 45 minutes before injection to reduce the sensitivity. Normally it is a very nice, elegant, commutable procedure.

When can I see the results of a Nose Job?

The results are  imidiately visible. Although the final result it is in 2 weeks.
The Nose Job noninvasive  is a highly satisfying aesthetic procedure.

By Dr. Rudina Thanasi

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